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“”The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.


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Discord test

TymothiNovember 12, 20201 min read
Join our Discord

Join our Discord

TymothiNovember 11, 20201 min read

The temple is now on discord! It is from here that we will be running our online game..so please go ahead and join…..or my cat blu would be sad…. The…

Lamont pizza

Lamont pizza

TymothiNovember 10, 20202 min read

Located near miskatonic university – This family owned pizza shop is famous for it’s house speciality white pork sauce asian pizza. George Lamont while on holiday in Malaysia came across…

How to play : part 1

TymothiNovember 5, 20201 min read

how to create a character in call of cthulhu for the first time. Please follow the youtube channel this video came from…. Spread the love https://youtu.be/emVhUhpMxQ8