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The executioner

An executioner, also known as a hangman or headsman, is an official who carries out a sentence of capital punishment on a legally condemned person

The executioner was often shunned by the community he lived in. This is one reason the executioner wore a mask,another reason to protect the executioner from reprisal. The duties of a executioner included carrying out lesser punishments such as flogging,etc. They were also tasked to carry out “interrogations” .


Fighting (two handed sword or battle axe), Natural World,First Aid*, Insight,Art/Craft, intimidate

Occupational Skill Points

Edu x 2 + Str x 2


0 to 30


After completing his / her training the new executioner will be gifted either a two handed sword or an axe.

Executioners do not suffer normal san loss due to blood and gore because of their training.

* = part of the executioner’s training is also to provide care to the condemned

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The village in the marsh

The PC’s are retainers for a local lord and they are tasked to travel to the village of east proctor to determine if the rumors of it being plague free are true and if so why.

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Dark ages character sheet

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