The mysterious Superstition Mountains

The Superstition Mountains is a range of mountains in Arizona located to the east of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Mysterious activities

  • The legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine centers around the Superstition Mountains.
  • According to the Apache tribe somewhere in the mountains is a hole that leads to the underworld.
  • Since 1848 the mountains have claimed it’s fair share of lives. The first known was the Peralta massacre A Mexican family was allegedly slain by Apaches after searching the land for gold. The Peralta Family was said to have discovered the famed Dutchman’s gold mine within the cursed Superstition Mountains. In the 1940s, 62-year old James A. Cravey made an attempt to locate the gold mine but was later found deceased in the wilderness of the Superstition Mountains. His headless body was discovered first; it wasn’t until six months later that his skull was found

Lovecraftian possibilities

The superstition mountains make an ideal location for the race known as the sand dwellers and the serpent people.

Adventure seeds

  1. A team of archaeologists from miskatonic go missing while studying some ancient mesoamerican ruins found in the mountain range.
  2. A man dressed as a 16th century jesuit is found wandering around the desert surrounding the mountain range. He speaks a medieval form of Spanish and Latin. He is carrying an onyx crucifix and he will hand the crucifix to one of the PC’s then he will crumple into dust .


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